God Thor

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Thor, a strong and brave warrior, was always ready for battle, especially with giants. He raced across the heavens in his chariot drawn by his two faithful goats, Tanngrisnir and Tangyost. Thor was the strongest of all when it came to a battle with giants, and in his endeavor magical objects helped and strengthened his incredible power – the Megingjord belt, which doubled his strength; Yarngrape iron gloves – with their help he could hold his hammer firmly and swing with terrible force; and, of course, the hammer in question, Mölnir, forged by the dwarf brothers Brock and Cindry.

Thor’s Goats

Thor and the goats Tanngrisnir and Tangyost, (1910) Johannes Gehrts

On one of Thor’s travels, with an unquenchable thirst for death, he set out with Loki for the giants to seek strife. The two set off in the chariot pulled by the goats and at dusk stopped in front of a modest farm to sleep, eat and drink. The hostess gladly invited them, but apologized for not having any meat, only vegetable porridge.

Thor nobly declared that he would take care of the meat and slaughtered his faithful goats. He just told the hosts when they finished eating to throw the bones on the spread skins, and they would come to life again to pull his chariot again. The feast was rich and delicious, and the host’s son, Tialfi, was so attracted to one of the goat’s femurs that later, without anyone noticing, he ate, broke the bone, and drank the bone marrow, so delicious and nutritious. Then he threw the rest on the skins and went to sleep.

In the morning, Thor awoke with the thought of returning to his adventure in the kingdom of the giants, raised his hammer Mölnir and revived the goats. But he noticed that one of the goats was limping with its hind leg. Thor became enraged and burst into the family’s room and angrily asked who was to blame for his goat limping. The family was so frightened and begged Thor to spare them, and he, despite his anger, quickly calmed down and lightly cut off – the son Tialfi and daughter Roskva will take as servants and everything would be forgiven.

It is cruel for mortals to serve all their lives, but such was the will of the god Thor – he doomed them to lifelong servant labor. And after the ordeal he faced with the giant Scrimir, Thor returned to the farm to take Tialfi and Roskva as servants. For him it was a mercy to mortals, and for them – the end of the story of Tialfi and Roskva – slaves to the God of Thunder, Thor.