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Ragnarok – Gods in the Last War

The greatness of the gods, nature, and the Nine Kingdoms, as well as the established order, could not prevent the coming of quarrels and even wars. City against city, neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, family broken, fathers against sons, mothers against daughters. That was it, the End of the World was coming. The sand became iron, the rivers red. Three years of chaos, the first winter bitter to the eyes to tears, the second cheeks to blood; the third swallowed everything. Summer was engulfed in eternal winter. Snow called Fimbulvet, clouds, storms, ice.

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Piano Lessons For Beginners (Pianoforall Review)

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Halloween Meaning and Symbolism

holiday-festival. Their symbolic significance is very reminiscent of an ancient theater, such as in the Ellada period, or in the sarcophagi of the pharaohs, where a mask is placed on the mummy: a symbol of the image that resonates over the millennia. The ancient Balkan people, as well as later the Romans (including the expansion of the Roman Empire to the Balkans), used masks not only as an easy incarnation, but were also practical: an actor with many masks could play a whole mythological scene of different characters.

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Origin of Halloween: Jack-o-Lantern, Treats, Costumes

Halloween is on October 31 against November 1-st. Like many modern holidays, Halloween has its roots in paganism, the Celts, the Romans, the Egyptians, the Native American tribes: a tribute to the dead and their souls, as the “barrier” between the world of the living and the dead is considered to be the thinnest. Halloween (Hallowe’en, Alhalloween, All Hallows ’Eve, All Saints’ Day) is also a time of homage to saints, martyrs, all who died in the “true faith” (after the Christianization of the holiday), relatives and friends.

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