Currently, there is nothing but endless, dark wasteland, Chaos said. From her emptiness came the power of creation. By different Greek versions of the myth, there are different interpretations. According to some, this is the goddess Evrinom, who procreate with the prehistoric serpent Ofion, and so begins the story; according to others – it is Gay, Mother Earth.

The first possible egg

Eubinoma took the form of a dove, which laid a huge egg. The Ofion of the snake is around him. As he warmed it, Ofion pulled the egg and made him fall in love with everyone in the white world: Uranus – the sky, Urea – the plan, Pont – the sea and all the planets and stars. From the egg came Gaia – that with her mountains and rivers. Then Evrinom and Ofion went and lived on Mount Olympus. Ofion, who turned himself into the sole creator of the cosmos and Eurynom, punished first by wanting to do so, and then, on Monday, which had not come, he had forcibly escaped to the Lifting Kingdom.

Earth Mother

There are other versions that check Gay – these. Uranium – a male personalization of the sky, fertilized Gaia as she lifted life-giving water (rain) onto its surface. Not only lakes and seas were born of this union, but also existing ones inhabited by them. First come the Hackathon Heirs, magnificent with one hundred hands and fifty heads. Then come the Cyclops, the one-eyed giants known for their power and dexterity on the blacksmiths of divine weapons. They attracted the wrath of Apollo, who killed them, avenging the death of their son Asclepius, struck by the silence of Zeus. Their spirits produce to inhabit the caves – the forging forges in the bowels of Etna.

According to another version, the power and moderation of the Cyclops scared Uranus. Worried that he might be deprived of his power, he himself ousted them in the Underworld.

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The most significant generation of gods came from Gay  and Uranus, were the Titans. They have become people management and have been titanic sisters with their families. Their children were some of the most powerful gods and goddesses such as Helios – Sun, Selena – Moon and Eos – Dawn, who were children of Titan Hyperion. The Olympic gods – the children of Kronos – the leader of the Titans – gained the greatest influence.