One day Thor realized that Mölnir was gone. The great hammer Mölnir, which was a gift to him because of the dexterity of Loki and the dwarf Brock. With Mölnir Thor defended Asgard, and most of his strength was in the hammer, and without him he was weak and vulnerable. He searched everywhere and noticed a note in his room from the giant Thrym, who stole the ransom hammer.

Thor turned to Loki, the god of cunning, for help negotiating with the giant. So Thor and Loki left for the icy kingdom of Jotunheim. Thrym confirmed to them that he wanted a big reward for the hammer – he wanted the goddess Freya for a wife. However, Loki noticed that Thrym had poor eyesight and accepted his request for Freya Thor had to get his hammer, after all with Mölnir, he defends Asgard.

They gathered the gods and began discussing – unheard of, to ask the goddess Freya for a wife! There had to be another solution. And when Freya heard Thrym’s preposition, she became so enraged that the Bringingham necklace, which was a gift from the four dwarfs, tore to pieces. So the gods came up with a proposal from Heimdall – Thor to dress like a woman, and Loki to help him disguised as a maid.

Thor dressed as Freya, (1902) Elmer Boyd Smith

Thor was furious – to shame him like that, to dress like a woman! Loki scolded him for stopping acting like a baby. The eye vision of the giant Thrym is weak, Thor will wear bridal robes, the Brisingamen necklace will be repaired and on his neck, silver brooches will be adorned on him, just like the beautiful goddess Freya. They will put a bridal veil on Thor’s face and he will be covered.

The fate of Mölnir and Asgard was confronted with this degrading act for Thor. Thrym was informed that Freya would be his wife in nine nights.
Thor and Loki set off disguised as Freya and a maid to the world of the giants Jotunheim.

The feast at Thrym’s Castle was large and rich. Thor and Loki were greeted warmly, and Thrym was thrilled that the supposed Freya would be his bride. However, Thor had a huge appetite and began to eat furiously, to drink insatiably large amounts of food and drinks. Thrym with his poor eyesight asked why Freya had such a strong appetite that she ate like a man! Loki replied that Freya could not wait to be with Thrym, so she had not eaten for eight nights, and now at the sight of Thrym her appetite opened up. That’s why she ate so hard and can’t wait to be with him.

The giant believed him – Freya was so beautiful in his mind, he was so pleased that she was already his. He asked his lover for a kiss, and met Thor’s angry gaze, which shone like unbridled lightning. Loki explained not to be afraid of that look, because it was the look of the impatient Freya, who hadn’t slept in eight nights. Thrym’s older sister liked Thor and Loki’s jewelry, and promised to pledge allegiance to the bride if she received them.

Thrym didn’t pay attention to that. He ordered that Mölnir be brought to him as a gift to the beautiful Freya. A servant brought the hammer and placed it in front of Thor. That’s all he waited for – he grabbed the handle, threw the veil. All gasping, Thor was frightening, angry, furious, clutching his hammer, inflicting a fatal blow and killing Thrym. He covered the room with his angry gaze and killed all the giants, smashing their heads.

People rejoiced, they thought that Thor was protecting humans and gods from the terrible giants, but this night was shameful – unnecessary bloodshed was a terrible warning, but also a fall.