Once upon a time, a fairytale town covered with gold and precious stones. The inhabitants enjoyed prosperity, a long life, and no one suffered from sin or vice. Everyone was happy, laughing and giving. Love, beauty and harmony reigned. Nature seemed to approve with its pleasant greenery, refreshed by loving people and friendly weather. There was not one day when a storm could be seen, not a day when too much wind or heavy rain would pour.
One fine day two soldiers came to the city, who were from far away. Apparently exhausted, hardly walking from exhaustion. The nearest house, the farmers came out quickly and helped. They treated the guests, had the opportunity to dress up and put on clean clothes, and were even allowed to spend the night for a few days to fully recover. On their way out, the soldiers thanked and walked away quickly. Not long after, a huge army of cannons and some big machines appeared. They entered the city and the unsuspected citizens were arrested. The machines surrounded the place and began digging and others to demolish the golden buildings. Over time they built large foundries and melted the buildings into coins. For years they dug through the earth and found the gold veins from which they seized what did not belong to them. But while that was happening, a resistance took shape.
Many of the other residents who were not captured were hiding in forests and caves. The elders kept a secret as ancient as the world – the sacrifice of one building the Needle of Creation. Therefore, a thousand were sacrificed and the Sword of souls was forged. It was entrusted with the strongest and was tasked with finding the invaders’ chief in command. With a stab in the ground split the earth and the machines sank into it. The soldiers went on the run and the hero cut them off. He found the chief and sliced him. The land was restored and the surviving inhabitants decided to rebuild their town, but never more than gold. And the sword was placed in the heart of the town in honor of the dead brothers and sisters.

*** This story became a legend, and the legend – myth.

And myths have several different endings. Another ending claims that the sword was lost forever before it was even used. Third, the first two soldiers stole it. But with each ending, the souls remained in the sword.

Author: Dimo Vasilev