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Bat Symbolism and Meaning

Bat is a symbol in Christianian times is more of a ghostly figure and witchcraft, in the Americas (Mayans) the bat is a symbol of the god Camazotz, in Voodoo the bat is used in rituals and symbol of the night. According to the Chinese, the bat is symbolic with happiness and good fortune, and for Homer’s “Odyssey” it is described as “the souls of the dead”.

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Symbolism Of Fire: Element of Life

Fire as a symbol is a living element which absorbs, warms and illuminates, but can also cause pain and death – has a dual meaning. Often fire is a sacred symbol of home and embodies the inspiration of the Holy Spirit which in the form of fiery tongues exhorted the apostles during the first Pentecost while the ignition of the new fire early in the year was a sacred act in ancient Mexico.

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The Bridge as a Symbol

The bridge as a symbol is always a connection between two shores, two countries, this world and the afterlife. In Norse / Scandinavian mythology, the connection between the worlds / kingdoms is the Bifrost Bridge, which is guarded by Heimdall, a deity with incredible sight and hearing, who inflates his horns in the coming danger. Bifrost shook every time an undead passed by.

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