This essay will follow the same structure as the previous essay on the same subject (“Sins – A Short Essay and a Philosophical Consideration”).

What does “virtue” mean – in English virtue comes from the Latin virtutem / virtus “moral strength, strong character”, even used during wat activities as “honor, courage, courage, bravery”.

As can be seen in the perception of people through their religious beliefs, there has always been a search for something that is the “good example”, or as Confucius calls it, the “Noble Way”. The search for positive emotions, love, care, sharing, giving is embedded in us; but their application is difficult in the human world – always dangers, condemnation, dogmas, persecution, inculcation of guilt.

And yet, what is “virtue”? And here I would divide into two poles – “Virtue as a deception” and “Virtue as an example of pure life.”

Virtue as a deception – as in the essay on sins, the same is true here: a certain institutional power over the centuries uses concepts of “good” and “evil” to introduce a certain correction of the behavior of societies. Although, morality as a concept is developed by philosophy, it is based on religious beliefs and recommendations from the ancient teachings of ancient people. Recommendations for a better life, what to avoid, and why to avoid it.

Often in teachings and religions, resort to metaphors, or direct borrowings of beliefs from pagan tribes, which anthropomorphically characterize their lives and life with all sorts of creatures.

The insertion of guilt for control always begins with “good motives” and beautiful tales. Just like with sins, there is a promise of a better world, but exact Commandments must be kept, otherwise Hell is guaranteed forever, and tongues of fire will penetrate and burn your soul … So fulfill this, this, this and this , and so you can join the Gates of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Virtue as an example of pure life – now, if we take the same tales of the Kingdom of Heaven and translate it as a beautiful allegory of our way of life, that our actions always come with certain logical consequences, then these texts would be especially useful.

The 7 virtues opposed to the sins are already strongly embedded in the upbringing of our children, when we want to set an example of a “virtuous man”:

  • Chastity;
  • Temperance;
  • Charity;
  • Diligence;
  • Patience;
  • Kindness;
  • Humility.

Chastity can be in our thoughts about ourselves; Temperance teaches many things, especially to appreciate; Charity and Kindness are good lessons in our lives, because they teach us that even in these things there are rules and one cannot waste his own self in that way to please everyone; Diligence – without it there are no quality results, and the results come only with Patience; Humility gives us peace of mind.

When the knights were the high class example, the “man of honor” is considered to have “high virtues” when he knows how to apply the virtues appropriately in society. It is very important to know how to be virtuous and still function in this world and the society you are in, while respecting our own your principles and guidelines.

One of the common questions is: “How to observe virtue in such temptations?” – you need the focus for the future. Have a goal that you want to accomplish, train that patience through your hard work, try not to be distracted too much.

Nowadays, the work of many people can be seen. Accessibility provides many interesting interviews and biographies of successful people from all professions and in them you will always see a definite perseverance in fulfilling your passion. And during their life journey, they receive their own lessons, which are nice to hear from them directly.

The bottom line – Harder to follow, but guaranteed more satisfying in the end, only if you keep a calm mind, open heart, perseverance, will and curiosity about the world – to learn from your mistakes, to turn every negative in your life into a positive, to build you – you can’t go wrong with that.

Who has set out on this path – success be upon you and hold on tight – it will happen!