Fables are the storytelling core of every folklore in the world. Fables had their own evolution of authors that want to give a different outlook of the world through their stories and protagonist. 
We all know atleast one good fable of a famous author and titans like Andersen, Brothers Grimm or any other regional fable that our parents had told us and our society reminds us. 

As one quote goes: “Fables teach us how to live”, that is to be found in the mind of the author and the immersion of the reader.


The Unborn Made – Folk Tale

The Unborn Made – Folk Tale

Once upon a time there was a son of the king was born and now a young man ready for marriage. He made a wonderful fountain from which flowed honey and butter. He made it so that the maidens could come and pour from it. The king's son wanted to choose the best girl and...

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What can you find here?

In this blog you can find mythology, legends, stories and culture from all around the world.
The main line is your interest in how your imagination will take you on a journey throughout that does interest you in the story department – from fictional to fact-based.

What is the purpose of the website?

The main purpose here is… reading and Imagination (with a capital letter).
My belief is that Reasoning and Imagination are the perfect spectre of harmony if used correctly for a human being that wants to excel in whatever category in Life. And books, factional or fictional, can give that richness.
You can also see the ‘About Page‘ for more details about the inspiration of this project.

What can you expect in the future?

There are a lot of ideas that comes to mind which direction to take.
For now, it will be in the eight main categories, and one of them is for this Blog’s author personal writings in Stories and Poems.

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