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Mist and Fog in Myths – Symbology and Meaning

The mist is a common symbol of the unknown and the mediator between reality and non-reality (illusion, dreams, apparitions, visions, divination). According to the Celts, northwest geographically, the mist was the “curtain” between reality and the mists of the islands.

Symbolic Meaning of Water – Sign in the Past

Water Symbol - General Overview Water has often been associated in various cultures as a link to the afterlife, underground water as "prehistoric chaos", falling water as a "blessed vitality", whirlpools as difficulties in life, and the murmur of a quiet river - a...

Symbolic Meaning Of Earth – Sign In The Past

Earth as a Symbol - General Overview Earth - in the classical tradition, this is one of the "four elements" that make up, build, sustain life. At the same time, it is an allegory and a means of expression for a deeper meaning than physical existence ("native land",...

Fire – Symbol

Fire-Symbol - General Characteristics  Fire as a symbol is a living element which absorbs, warms and illuminates, but can also cause pain and death - has a dual meaning. Often fire is a sacred symbol of home and embodies the inspiration of the Holy Spirit which in the...
Lightning Bolt- Symbol and Meaning

Lightning Bolt- Symbol and Meaning

Lightning Bolt as a Symbol in General Overview Lightning, as a celestial phenomenon, was perceived by many cultures as a manifestation of the gods, destruction, awe, and an omen of impending threat. Usually this was attributed to the chief deity or "king of all", who...

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