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Idol of Shigir – Oldest Wood Idol in the world – 11 600 years

The interesting sculpture was discovered on January 24, 1894, at a depth of 4 meters in Shigir (about 100 km from Ekaterinburg, Siberia). According to data from 2014, as it was previously thought that the idol is about 9500 years old, the new research pushes the dating even earlier – to 11,600 years! Much of the wooden sculpture has survived, it is about 3.35 meters and is stored in the Regional Museum in Sverdlovsk.

Scythians – In the Roots of Expansion of Euroasia

In both popular culture and the academic record, the Scythians have been described as a force to be reckoned with. For hundreds of years, they ruled the Eurasian steppe, fierce warriors given an even bigger advantage by their highly mobile, nomadic lifestyle. Or so we...

Lightning – In the Core of Evolution – Science Reveals

The question of how life on Earth got started has long intrigued us, and new research suggests that primordial lightning strikes – perhaps over the course of a billion years – could have played a crucial role in sparking life on this planet. (Lightning as a Symbol and...

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