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What is the Matrix? – EXPLANATION

It's here - "The Matrix 4: Resurrections"! Finally, after all this time, almost 20 years have passed since the last ("The Matrix: Revolutions", 2003) one and now is the best time to ask again: "What is the Matrix?" An important question not only for the film buffs ,...

Difference Between Myth and Legend With Examples

If you are reading this article, you are wondering what exactly is the difference between a myth and a legend. There are some destinct points to be made here, and hope this clarify the question that everyone interested in mythos and legends asks in the beginning. Myth...

Eye of Providence: What is Behind the Symbolism of the Eye?

The reflection of the eye is a reflection in the macrocosm, but also in the moral life: "Knowledge manifests itself as clearly as light, like the white of the eyes, and his insight sparkles in him like their radiant power, while in his essence the mind shines like the...

How The Children of Lir Became Swans – Celtic Myth

There are several names of the legend: Oidheadh Chlainne Lir, "The Tragic Story of Lear's Children" or "The Fate of Lear's Children"; Aided Chlainne Lir, as "The Violent Death of Lear's Children." "Children of Lir" (Irish: Oidheadh ​​chloinne Lir) is a Celtic legend...
Celts Origin and Mythology

Celts Origin and Mythology

t is believed that the homeland of the Celts is Central Europe and from there they settled in time south to Rome, east to Thrace, north to Britain. They consisted of several peoples with a common language, culture and religion, but they never had a united single state, nor could they unite their different clans as one common people.

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