Author: Dimo Vasilev

Celtic Legend: How They Became Swans

“Children of Lir” (Irish: Oidheadh ​​chloinne Lir) is a Celtic legend that combines the Christian message of freedom through the world of magic and spells. The legend shows the Christianization of Ireland and its influence on the old faith, as the elements of the new religion are everywhere in the mythological characters – from the perception of the main characters about the passage of too much time (shows the passing of old beliefs); to the part of the legend that shows the coming of a new age appearance when they hear the ringing of the bells of a new religion ”).

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Celts – Culture, History and Beliefs

t is believed that the homeland of the Celts is Central Europe and from there they settled in time south to Rome, east to Thrace, north to Britain. They consisted of several peoples with a common language, culture and religion, but they never had a united single state, nor could they unite their different clans as one common people.

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