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Punishment of Loki – Norse Mythology

After the Aesir found out that the giant Tok, who did not mourn Balder and thus remained in the Underworld, was in fact Loki, he himself inflicted the last insult. At a big party he attended, because he was Odin’s blood brother after all, a big feast was there. The beer was poured, masterfully prepared and served dishes, and all by two servants Eldir and Fimafeng. Loki didn’t like it at all and just killed Fimafeng.

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Balder/Baldur And Hoder – God Of Norse Myth

Frigg was the patroness of women in labor. She helped women in childbirth, taught women in labor to lie on a bed of yellow grass, whose pungent odor drove away fleas. Frigg guided them with her voice when they gave birth, with the soothing exhortations of motherly love. She became a patron and goddess of love. Freya was of romantic passionate love, while Frigg was of devoted motherly caress. She also tenderly loved her sons Hoder and Balder, and raised them in the palace of Fensalir. She adored them. But her sons were odd in their own ways, like day and night.

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