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Aeacus – Judge of the Underworld

Zeus the Thunderer, after kidnapping the beautiful daughter of the river god Azop, took her to the island of Oynopia, which has since been named after Azop’s daughter Aegina. The son of Aegina and Zeus, Aeacus, was born on this island. When Aeacus grew up, matured, and became king on the island of Aegina, no one in all of Greece could compare to him in love of truth or justice. The great Olympians themselves revered Aeacus and often chose him as a judge in their disputes. After his death, Aeacus, like Minos and Radamant, became a judge in the underworld by the will of the gods.

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Pandora – Creation and Pandora Box

When Prometheus stole the divine fire for mortals, taught them various arts and crafts and gave them knowledge, life on earth became happier. Zeus, angered by Prometheus’ actions, punished him severely and sent evil to the people. He commanded the glorious god, the blacksmith Hephaestus, to mix earth and water, and to make of this mixture a beautiful girl equal in power to men, to have a gentle voice and a gaze similar to that of the immortal goddesses. Zeus’ daughter Athena was to weave a beautiful garment for the girl; the goddess of love, the golden Aphrodite, was to give her a charm that no one could resist; Hermes to give her a cunning mind and dexterity.

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Ragnarok – Gods in the Last War

The greatness of the gods, nature, and the Nine Kingdoms, as well as the established order, could not prevent the coming of quarrels and even wars. City against city, neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, family broken, fathers against sons, mothers against daughters. That was it, the End of the World was coming.
The sand became iron, the rivers red. Three years of chaos, the first winter bitter to the eyes to tears, the second cheeks to blood; the third swallowed everything. Summer was engulfed in eternal winter. Snow called Fimbulvet, clouds, storms, ice.

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Olympic Games – Next to the Ancient World

The Olympic Games might be rescheduled due to the Pandemic in 2020, but there is stil light in the tunnel: it might be this year in 2021 (In Tokyo, Japan, from 23 July to 8 August 2021), that we see the Olympics again. In appreciation of the games, let us look into the past and see the mythology and ancient ways, just to be in that “olympic spirit”, when the games begin again.

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