“This is all I wanted…
nothing more, only this”.


Everything started with the clash of an opinion and reality.

Only idealism can fight such hopeless fervor as Domum* with his life. Whether he was ready to put up with the pressure or accept it seemed to depend on everything.

Well-mannered, a little far from society norms, there was always one thing in mind: find a way to live life, though practical and secluded. The question was how. That’s why he took a very intriguing trip to an underwater cave. Everything was arranged – a snorkel, a diving suit, fins. Of course, and a professional to guide.

When they dived into the depths, they reached the border shortly. This was where the salt and fresh water met and gave the illusion of a cave lake over which they seemed to levitate. It was so magical-looking and bright-contrasting between the salt part and the sweet that divers often had to remind themselves that they were not on the surface, as not to remove their mask.

In this isolated place, he seemed to feel his own boundary, the terminator of light and dark, sweet and salty, life and Life. He realized that everything that happened to him was so prosaic — a job, a mortgage, no wife, but beyond the age that society defined as the age of making a home. At least he loved his job, but the pay wasn’t enough. Has time passed, is he on right track to be, is his life complete? Are all those who push for the “very best of life”, are really happy?

Maybe he should define what made him truly happy. Looking around, this cave is certainly a good start – it’s adventurous, it’s magical, it’s peaceful. he may even come more often, but what about the job? He couldn’t afford this expensive hobby without income. Even now he is in debt, for just being in this aquatic paradise.

The guide interrupted Domum’s thoughts with a gesture to follow him. The time had passed unnoticed, and they had to return to the surface.

Swimming up he just remembered something – a childhood memory.

He was playing on the playground with the kids. Walked to a small forest nearby. His mother came to pick him up but did not find him. During that time, Domum was watching a snail climb a leaf. He looked and starred, much to his liking. The mother found him – one of the children saw where Domum was headed, and she immediately ran. He took the obligatory quarrel, but all of this time, he thought of the snail.

Just now as he’s remebering this beatiful thing that happened, he asked himself – why he thought so much about this ordinary snail, seemingly meaning nothing to a child? Well… yes! Simplicity. Most times in the pursuit of happiness one complicates things so much that one forgets where he wanted to go in the first place. Even a fresh example was Domum’s greatest love – cinematography . At first, he was happy to study and study, and with time tired of work, he could not take the gbolet of inspiration as before. He started to make schedules and actually slowed down to the point that he finally cut everything. And the only thing left was his present work in the heart, but God knows he was not satisfied.

Simplicity – how prosaic, simplified, self-sufficient, unique and inspiring.

Going back to the surface, the light that was getting brighter and brighter was all that, and nothing more.


*Domum – Home (latin)

5.5.2017 г.

Credit for the photo: here.