Greek Creation Myth Full Story

In the beginning, there was only eternal, boundless and dark Chaos. In it hid the source of life in the world. Everything arose from the boundless Chaos – the whole world and the immortal gods. From the Chaos came the goddess Earth – Gaia. It spread wide, strong, giving life to everything that lives and grows on it. And far below the earth, as far as the vast bright sky is far from us, at immeasurable depths the gloomy Tartarus was born – a terrible abyss filled with eternal darkness. From Chaos, the source of life, was born the mighty force, all life-giving love – Eros. The world is beginning to be created. The boundless Chaos gave birth to the eternal Darkness – Erebus, and the dark Night – Nukta. And from the Night and the Darkness came the eternal Light – Ether, and the joyful, bright Day – Hemera. The light spread around the world and night and day began to alternate.

The mighty, gracious Earth gave birth to the infinite blue Sky – Uranus, and the Sky was filled above the Earth. The high Mountains, born of the Earth, rose proudly towards him, and the eternally roaring Sea spread widely. Heaven, Mountains and Sea were born from Mother Earth, they have no father.

Uranus – Sky – has reigned in the world. He married the blessed Earth – Gaia. Uranus and Gaia had six sons and six daughters, the mighty, fearsome Titans. One of their sons, the titan Ocean, which enveloped the whole earth like a boundless river, and the goddess Thetis gave life to all the rivers that carry their waves to the sea, and to the sea goddesses – the oceanids. And the titan Hyperion and the goddess Thea gave birth to children: the Sun – Helios, the Moon – Selena, and the ruddy Dawn – the pink-variegated Eos (Aurora). From Astrea and Eos came all the stars that shine at night in the dark sky, and all the winds: the stormy north wind Borei, the eastern Ever, the humid south note, and the pleasant westerly wind Zephyr, which brings rain clouds.

In addition to the Titans, the mighty Earth gave birth to three giants – cyclops, with one eye on their foreheads, and three huge beings like mountains with fifty heads of giants – hekatonheyri (Έκατονχειρες , hundred hands), so named because each of them had a hundred hands. Nothing can resist their terrible power, it is spontaneous and boundless.

Uranus hated his giant children, locked them in deep darkness in the bowels of the goddess Earth, and prevented them from coming to light. Their mother, the Earth, suffered from this. This terrible burden, locked in her bowels, weighed on her. She summoned her children, the Titans, and began to exhort them to oppose their father Uranus; but they were afraid to raise their hand to their father. Only the youngest of them – the insidious Cronus, by cunning overthrew his father and seized his power. The goddess Night gave birth to a whole host of terrible deities to punish Cronus: Thanatos – death, Eris – discord, Apata – deception, Kerry – destruction, Hypnos – a dream with a swarm of gloomy, heavy dreams, the ruthless Nemesis – revenge for crimes, and many others. These gods brought terror, strife, deception, struggle, and misery into the world where Cronus ascended his father’s throne.

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