I want to write this essay. This is a point of view, but it is also a philosophy. I want to share my thoughts on a few main points. Please read the material in its entirety. I am not here to introduce more psychosis than it is already out there, nor to convince you of anything. These are reflections on one of the most important topics of the new millennium, and it depends on us what will come out as a final product-consequence.

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Our life is a series of obstacles. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger,” is a well-known motto, but it is at the heart of tempering character, building courage, shaping morals and ethics.

The world is facing a great test – economy, healthcare, but also education. The latter is so important because the future is in the children, in their upbringing, in their socialization, contact with the world, their character formation through upbringing. Now, more than ever, I think it will be most rewarding to recall things repeated over millennia: speak the truth, be brave, face the trials of your life, do not hide from your own insights into yourself, be heartfelt , do necessary and constructive things.

The change in the world is not with a gun, anyone can do it – and this “anyone” most often goes to prison and the world is still the same. The change is in the “pen” – the ideas, the dreams, the realization of the dreams; if you don’t have the means, then at least talking about dreams is as powerful as everything else. Just look at the media – just by talking they managed to destroy the psyche of the whole world.


Everything is a hardening aspect of the process. The steel is hardened by fire, then in cold water, if the blade is not ready, it is hammered on the anvil.

If you have noticed, the digital world is in our lives these past few years, but now it will be the norm for everyone; the digital world and work at home have their influence. Not only because of the radiation from the display or because of the “internet distractions/procastination”, but also because of the removal of the structure of conventional life. You may be wondering what day of the week is today, or even what time it is.

We need structure, regime, discipline. Have time to make a schedule, to maintain discipline; include some exercise (refreshing the brain, breathing, the rhythm of your day).


What more is there to be said, that cannot be seen – every media, everywhere, the same. If they don’t show us that X-number of people have died, then we are talking about criminology or another “pleasant” topic.

The consequences are terrible, but I take you back to “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” – look for solutions. It’s not easy, but when was it? There have been many crises in world history, and the human species have survived. The question is how will we survive now? With consequences of fascism, democracy, psychosis; or constructiveness, a new outlook on life, philosophy, volitional actions, realized humanitarian dreams.

Everything may be a Utopia, but those who have not even tried, what justification do they have for their suffering?

We can always blame the “villain of the day”, but isn’t it more wonderful if we are strong and courageous beings who achieve their goals?


My main idea for this essay is Courage. I want to inspire it, to you. It’s hard, I watch, read, listen, research different opinions for several months.

Psychosis is an interesting phenomenon. It’s a little fun to hear “I don’t watch TV, nobody is manipulating me.” Not true. You are affected non-stop. For what reasons – by many. No, we will not die from 5G, but don’t think that governments that haven’t solved the world’s problems in the last 100 years are worried about your grandmother today.

Have a realistic perspective. Don’t be a conspirator, but don’t be naive.

Have courage. I hope these thoughts make you think at least a little. There is always options. Good luck!