In the old days, there lived two brothers. One was a bachelor and the other married, with many children. The bachelor was rich and a scrooge. The married man was gracious but poor. However, he did not complain about his fate because he was at least healthy. But one day he fell ill and went to bed. His wife wondered how to feed her children. The man was recovering, only to be very weak: he could not get to work yet.

He went to his brother and told him:

“Brother, we are left without bread crust at home. Lend me some money until I get better, now I’m not yet at work: I have no strength. When I win, I’ll pay you back.”
“Go to hell!”, his brother called out. “I’m not helping lazy sloths. If you had worked, you would have. And you lie and pretend to be sick. When I grab the stick, I’ll give you an illness. Get out of here!”
“Please, brother, help me! Believe me I was really sick. Where to go elsewhere to ask for help? You are my brother.”
“Where?” Go to hell!”

The poor man decided to go into the woods, chop firewood and sell them. He had no car, no donkey to load the wood. He picked up the axe and one sack went. As he went into the forest, he sat under a tree to rest: he was very tired, had nothing to eat and nothing to eat.
As he sat, a whirlwind had just set in. A large orb of dust – like a cloud – flew straight to the clearing. The poor man hid in the hollow of a tree. As the cloud approached, forty devils emerged from it.
The man thought:

“My brother cursed me to go to hell, and it came out that they decided to come to me. To see them what they will do.”
And he looked through a hole in the log. He saw the hell they stopped in front of a rock nearby. One of them said:

— Changa.

And the rock opened. All the devils went through the hole and got lost in the rock. Then a voice was heard from within:

— Chunga.

And the rock closed again. The poor man did not dare to get out of the hollow, for he feared that the devil might come out of the rock at any moment and tear it apart. He waited for them, and they all did not go out. At one point he dozed off. It’s getting dark. The devils haven’t been out yet. And the man decided to sleep in the hollow. When dawn began, a voice heard from the rock:

— Changa.

The woodsman awoke. The rock opened and the hell came out one by one. Then they said:

— Chunga.

And the rock closed again. The dark cloud came, grabbed the devils and carried them away.
Then the poor man slipped out of the hollow and went to examine the rock. There was no notice of a door anywhere. The man was very curious.

“Will the rock open if I say that word?”

And he said, “Changa”.
The rock rose. A large opening appeared, leading inwards to the ground. The poor man came in and said, “Chunga”.

The rock closed. The man was in a cave. He passed through it and entered a wide room. There was a table in the middle and forty keys on the table. He took them and began to open the doors that were visible around. He opened a door. He entered a room full of pure gold. He then entered the second room; there was only silver. In the third there were large rubies, in the fourth – emeralds, in the fifth – diamonds, in the sixth – magnificent jewelry: rings, bracelets, necklaces, crowns and other ornaments. He toured all rooms; they were full of different treasures he had never seen before, unable to understand what he was serving and what he was worth. On the way back, the poor man took something from each room – as much as the bag could hold. Then he left the keys in their place, said, “Changa,” and went out; then he said, “Chunga” – and the rock closed again.
The poor man went home. He was already a rich man. You bought a property, you made a house, you got a trade. It went away. He won even more. There was no need to go to the devil’s cave a second time.
Brother Eugene learned that his married brother had grown rich all of a sudden. Went to him. He asked him where he had found so much money. He hid nothing from him: he told him about the devils and their cave full of treasures.

“Well, if I go, can I come in and get it?”
“Certainly, as long as you remember the words” Changa “and” Chunga. ” That’s the secret. And of course, you should not wait for the devil to come and weld you.
The rich man got out. He was insatiable. He did not take the bag, but drove a car to load it with treasures. He reached the rock and said, “Changa”.
The rock opened and the man came in, saying, “Chunga”.

The rock closed. He found the keys, began to unlock the doors and remove from every room as much as possible. In some rooms he just didn’t know what to take and what to leave: there were so many nice and expensive things. He had accumulated everything he had brought out in the middle room and decided to go out already, because he knew it was getting late and the hell could come. But what word did she have to say to open the rock?

He said, “Chunga”. But the rock didn’t open.

“That wasn’t the word,” the man said. “The two words were very similar, but which one was the first?”
Called, “Chonga”.
However, the rock did not move.
Called, “Chinga”.
The rock didn’t move again.
Then he said, “Chenga”.

The rock did not open again. The man was scared. It was time for the devils to come. Yes, they will come, but where to hide to learn the word from them? He will listen carefully to hear what word they will say when they enter and will remember it.
The rich man on all sides looked around and saw a fire. He went inside and climbed, grabbed the rough walls of the chimney and hid there.
Shortly after the devils came but they came in with such a noise that the person could not hear the word. He had only heard: “Chunga” – and the rock closed. First a devil walked – so small it looked like a bat. He said from the door:
“Brothers, I smell like a man.”
But one of the great devils said:

“Not a man, not even a fly can get in here. You are mistaken little brother.”
“What about the car in front of the rock?” The devil asked. “Didn’t the man bring that car? Once there is a car, there is a person.”
“The car is on a logger. He went to the woods to cut firewood.”
At that time the other devils saw the treasures the rich man had brought out of the rooms.

“These things were not here yesterday. They were in the rooms. Yes, yes, the little one is right: a man came in here. Or maybe he’s still here now. Let’s look for him.”

They set out to track the man. The devil found him in the fireplace. They pulled him out and questioned him when he came and what he was looking for in their cave. He told them, trembling with fear everything.

“I’m not guilty,” he said. “My brother came here before me. He told me about the riches. You have to punish him. Come after me! I’ll show you where he lives.”
But the oldest devil, who was the leader of the others, said:

“We know. Your brother was poor. He went to ask you for a loan and you dropped him off. Isn’t that right? Good luck sending him here – to reward him for his good heart. Well, your brother took a little one, just a bag. And you, an avaricious man, have accumulated treasures here as much as ten cars to load. We will pay you as you deserve.”

Having said that, the chief signaled to the devils. They threw themselves at the rich man and tore him apart. They ate it with skin and bones.