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Ragnarok – Gods in the Last War

The greatness of the gods, nature, and the Nine Kingdoms, as well as the established order, could not prevent the coming of quarrels and even wars. City against city, neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, family broken, fathers against sons, mothers against daughters. That was it, the End of the World was coming.
The sand became iron, the rivers red. Three years of chaos, the first winter bitter to the eyes to tears, the second cheeks to blood; the third swallowed everything. Summer was engulfed in eternal winter. Snow called Fimbulvet, clouds, storms, ice.

Bragi – Norse God Of Poetry – The First Skald

They returned to the offended Gunlod. She was not stupid, she sensed the truth. From the adventure of Odin transformed as Bolverk, nine months later she gave birth to a son named Bragi. When the boy grew up, she sent him to her father Odin. He was enchanting with his words, as sweet-spoken as sweet mead – proof of its creation with the help of mead.

Kvasir – Mead of Poetry – Norse Myth

Kvasir was the god of poetry. Yes, even among wars, among adventures, there was room for poetry. The birth of Kvasir is no less miraculous than he himself. However, for the clever deity, who understood the plan of the insidious Loki with the fishing net, it is fitting for him to have an unusual story about his birth.

Punishment of Loki – Norse Mythology

After the Aesir found out that the giant Tok, who did not mourn Balder and thus remained in the Underworld, was in fact Loki, he himself inflicted the last insult. At a big party he attended, because he was Odin’s blood brother after all, a big feast was there. The beer was poured, masterfully prepared and served dishes, and all by two servants Eldir and Fimafeng. Loki didn’t like it at all and just killed Fimafeng.

Balder/Baldur And Hoder – God Of Norse Myth

Frigg was the patroness of women in labor. She helped women in childbirth, taught women in labor to lie on a bed of yellow grass, whose pungent odor drove away fleas. Frigg guided them with her voice when they gave birth, with the soothing exhortations of motherly love. She became a patron and goddess of love. Freya was of romantic passionate love, while Frigg was of devoted motherly caress. She also tenderly loved her sons Hoder and Balder, and raised them in the palace of Fensalir. She adored them. But her sons were odd in their own ways, like day and night.

Heimdall – God in Norse Myth

The god Heimdall, also called the White God, is the son of the Allfather Odin and nine mothers who were giant sisters as inseparable as the waves of the sea. He was also called Hallinskídi and Gullintanni, his teeth were made of gold, his horse’s name was Gold-top. How exactly the god Heimdall was born is a mystery.

The Wall Around Asgard – The Builder – Norse Myth

After the great war between the Aesir and the Vanir, the wall around Asgard was destroyed by the clash of the gods. No one took on the difficult task of rebuilding the wall until the builder arrived. This mysterious figure rode alone on a magnificent stallion, and when he reached the Bifrost Bridge, Heimdall, the guardian of the bridge, asked him what he was looking for and what is he doing here.

Thor – God of Norse Myth

Thor – God of Norse Myth

Thor, a strong and brave warrior, was always ready for battle, especially with giants. He raced across the heavens in his chariot drawn by his two faithful goats, Tanngrisnir and Tangyost. Thor was the strongest of all when it came to a battle with giants, and in his endeavor magical objects helped and strengthened his incredible power – the Megingjord belt, which doubled his strength; Yarngrape iron gloves – with their help he could hold his hammer firmly and swing with terrible force; and, of course, the hammer in question, Mölnir, forged by the dwarf brothers Brock and Cindry.

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Loki – Trickster God of Mischief – Norse Myth

Loki – Trickster God of Mischief – Norse Myth

Loki, the son of the giant Farbauti and the goddess Lauvayu, was a real scary thing. Relationships between gods and giants were forbidden, but several gods took giants as wives. This was the first terrible omen – the birth of Loki from a deity and a giant, a child of the forbidden. Later, Loki mixed his blood with Odin’s and the two became blood brothers, and so Loki became one of the Aesir gods.

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God Odin – The Allfather of Norse Mythology

God Odin – The Allfather of Norse Mythology

Odin, the god of the gods, strictly watched from his throne Hlidskjalf the world and the deeds of the world. But he could not see everything, so his faithful crows landed on his shoulders, Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory), sent as his messengers. So nothing was hidden from Odin, who could understand what was going on in the land of the elves of darkness, or even the whisper of Hel itself. They flew away in the morning and returned in the evening and told him everything they saw.

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