“Oh, Osiris, fair lord! I call on your breath, hand and blood, to spill on the Lower Earth, your just anger!”
After these words from the priest sitting in the middle of the storm, the earth shook. An hunched old man appeared with a belt and a squint.

“Our great master asks, and what will you give him?”
“Who are you?”
“I am His messenger, of many messengers roaming the world, now waiting for someone like you to say he is ready to serve him. And I come before you, and I look at you, I laugh, and I wait for your answer. But you know, it has to be short, I don’t have time unnecessarily for you.
“And if I give, will I get what I want?”
“Of course I’m here for that.”
“All right,” the priest said frowning, “I’ll give half my life and fifty grains of sand. Every grain of sand will be one of my dreams, which I have not realized, but which is close to my heart.”

“In exchange for…?”, the leaning old man asked.
“In exchange for a drop of Osiris’ blood.”
“You want a lot, you know, don’t you? And do you know, whether, what a drop of Osiris contains?”
“It contains the power of Osiris to inspire the dead, revive the poor, and eliminate the perverted corrupt mind.”

“And what will you use the drop of these three things for?”
“For the three.” The priest pounded his chest. “I will take from the poor in spirit and I will inspire the those who needed a spirit; I will give to the poor without coins, many coins; I will remove corruption from temples.”
“Answer me, please, why do you want the temples?”

“Because the priests forgot whom to serve – the people, for their soul, for their heart, not for themselves! They rob their souls, promising them salvation, and offer them corruption from their own stench. For I have seen before: it will be so for thousands of years to come, until the name of Osiris comes through the rays of the sun and Ra himself will allow it. That is why I call on him, in the middle of the end of Egypt, because the Lower Earth will spread the stench, while the Upper will try to reduce it, but it will not be so, if the Lower succeeds.
Everything is connected, every destiny, every breeze passes through all of us. That’s how I understood and I am ready to sacrifice half my life and these fifty dreams!”

“Very noble, very just, of you ,” the old man narrowed his eyes with a still-stretched smile. “But it will turn out this way: The Lower Earth will prosper in its stench, because it must. Although Ra was awake, Osiris said of his gifts that they would be given later, and the people would wait until the time came. And when it comes, then human corruption will change into a decoction worthy of change. Until then, it is so, so it is said, so it is said, so it is and it will not change.
Keep your age, you will be given the drop, but only with the inspiration for the dead. And the only condition is that you do not use it in Egypt, go to the Upper Earth and from there you will head to the ancient tribes to the west. Wake them up there, they have work to do.”

“What about human destiny, old man?”
“It’s running, do not think of it much. Not everything your eye sees, only the one eye of Chorus has this honor.”
“What about the temples, old man?”
“They will be overthrown in time, but the tribes will still honor them because the time of Osiris has not come.”
“What about me, old man?”

“You chose your destiny, you understood it, you are waiting for it to be fulfilled. Open your fifty dreams and fulfill them while you spread the drop. In this way you will awaken as much beauty as Egypt did.
And now, go! Osiris calls his people for good will and prosperity.”

13.6.2016 г. , D.V.